Friday, May 22, 2009


It feels like a millennium since I last blogged. Nothing much has happened - the men I know are still jerks, I still hate my college(the nightmare's over now) and I'm still single.
I've been busy lately. Orkut's out - it's got nothing for me there, nothing stimulating.
LibriVox is IN.
And how!
I get to work with really nice people, and I love books and audio-books, and now I love LibriVox too. Well, frankly, this is the best fun I've had on the Internet, ever since I was introduced to it.
And every time a chapter is completed, there is this feeling of happiness and total contentment that beats just about everything else.
OK, so you know what I'm going to do next.
Yes, you're right, I'm going to kill everyone's feelings of happiness by rhyming on this topic.

Every new day, there is a new book;
The BC and MC open the Window.

From world's every lil' corner and nook,
There are volunteers, quite raring to go!

The Magic is done, everything's ready,
For a lovely classic to be brought to life.

There are voices so many, sweet and steady,
Making us feel the characters are alive.

The love for books, like heady perfume,
Reaches all people with all kinds of voices.

The proof-listeners listen, raise the volume,
Add some silence, clean up the noises.

(If I were to PL my works myself,
I would never ever reach the Catalog.)

The Catalog's the endless, ever-growing bookshelf -
Including works in Chinese and Tagalog.

The love for books leads us to this place;
We're bound by it; and by team-work, too.

New adventures everyday, at this web-space;
It's all too special - well, that's LibriVox for you.

Well, that's it. I know, it sucks, and it seriously almost insults the feelings I've got for that great big project, but hey, I can't think of another way to convey my joy(oh, yes, I'm a sadist).
The words in bold are ones I use everyday - and heck, I'm so addicted to it all, I even use some of them OUTSIDE LibriVox. I must get a life, I know. Pretty soon.
In case you're someone who wants to know what all this hullabaloo is about, you could know all about it by starting here.
In case you're someone who agrees with me on this one - Whee, I've got company! Oh, yeah! (And please leave a comment. I am, after all, a fellow LibriVoxateer.)
And here's the source of all this commotion - My LibriVox Catalog Page, which says I've completed more than 30 recordings.


Winnie the poohi said...


Cori said...

Echoing what Winnie said. :)

Ellis Christoff said...

I especially like that part of your poem about proof-listening one's own recordings. Reading for others is much more charming than for oneself. And listening to one's own voice makes one feel so totally uncouth!...

dlawrence said...

Great poem and a fitting tribute to LibriVox and the many volunteers that contribute in their various ways to the LV community.
Thanks Neeru
(I'm serious, you need to record this and submit to the LV podcast.)

Neeru said...

Meena, thank you, love you loads! :D
Cori, thank you :)
Ellis! :D "Uncouth" was the EXACT word I was looking for... But what would I rhyme it with? ;) Thank you for the lovely comment :)
David, thank you so much.
(Already done!)

Ram Kumar Ramaswamy said...

sooper Neeraja. we are all grateful to such voluntary non-profit workers.. scene than po!