Thursday, May 28, 2009


Inspired by The Stories of Meena.
This one's for you, Akila - this story in several lines, one below the other.

I looked into his eyes.
A single touch would be searing;
My passion reignited,
I stared at him, waiting.
I could see his indecision.
What would he do?
I bit my lip hard,
My wants and needs,
Bodily and otherwise,
All centered on him.
My lower lip bled -
His eyes touched the red;
They met mine again,
Holding a silent question.
He walked towards me,
Softly treading, gradually nearing;
He still wasn't mine -
How could he be,
When I wasn't like him?
With bated breath,
I waited for him
To make up his mind.
And then he smiled slowly,
As he kissed my neck -
I smiled. I knew, oh yes,
I knew! I closed my eyes,
And waited.

And the razor-sharp teeth
Dug in, drawing blood.

He had made up his mind.

Finally, I was his.

The title of this post?


I know it isn't good enough, but right now, my imagination's a bit dried up. If you've got some nice titles, you can suggest them in the comments section.


catawampusme said...

It has your touch honey! not one of your best.. but still It kept me interested to read till then end :D


aki said...

HUG... Oh my god..!!!.. its the sweetest gift i could ever have...THANK YOU SO MUCH.. LOVE IT!!!!:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))EEEE.. HUG ..

renold said...

Gosh! :D
Neeru are the best!!!!

nice poem...abt Vampires for a dracula (Akila) :P :P

he he
but superb neeru

Nitin said...

My lower lip bled -
His eyes touched the red;

the lines remind me of the movie Twilight...

Hilara said...
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Hilara said...

WHOA! Heavy duty, Neeru! :D
Kinda reminds me of that Medeiros novel... :)