Thursday, June 16, 2011


Very, very soon, I'll see your happy face again.
You'll be welcoming me back with open arms.
Back to talking for hours about everything and nothing,
Back to trying so hard to be immune to your charms.

I tried so hard to stay away from you.
I thought out of sight meant out of mind.
But distance makes the heart grow fonder;
Nothing can cut through some ties that bind.

Stupidly I believed I wouldn't miss you.
Hoped fervently I wouldn't miss your voice,
Your long-lashed eyes, your sweet smile. 
What can I do, looks like I don't have much choice.

Am I equipped for the onslaught of... you?
Can I live with the fact that you're not mine?
Can I handle the force of your wonderful warmth?
Will you see through my act that I'm just fine?

You could keep telling me I'm nothing but a friend.
I am listening, I promise. I am definitely listening.
You probably think nothing's wrong, everything's just peachy,
And you'll be too busy to note my eyes, with tears glistening.

It's probably all just a joke to you, isn't it?
Someday you'll show my picture to your next best friend.
You'd say, "This girl used to be crazy about me."
You wouldn't know you were on my mind till the very end.

Silly me, I told myself to stop thinking of you.
Like that would even work, what a joke!
Thought I'd get over you when I'm away.
Thought I'd fall for the next random bloke.

But you were everywhere, omnipresent.
A place, a movie, a word, a song
Would bring back all those memories we ceaselessly made.
And then I would pine, I would yearn, I would long.

I tried to move miles away from you and forget you.
I tried to pretend you didn't mean anything to me at all.
I tried to stop believing you didn't make the sun rise and set.
I tried so hard, and failed, to put up that barrier, that wall.

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gayathri said...

Wow, Blogging after so long!!!
Loved the words :)